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     This may be the hardest part of this project because of the measurements and the ability it will take to form the cone. Younger students may find this part too difficult therefore you can just cut the shapes flat and glue them accordingly but I wish you would try it can be very rewarding. (NOTE) If you decide to do the palm trunk as a flat section then you will need to add the palm leaves first.

     When you glue the palm tree trunk sections on the base paper make sure that you have a nice cone shape. The object is to create a pocket at the top and then taper to flat at the bottom.

     First you need to make 23 - 35 palm tree trunk sections as shown in the illustration to follow, depending on how large your beach scene will be. If you use 11" X 8" inch paper you will only need about 23. If you are using the larger construction paper or art board 11" X 17" inches you will need around 35.

Here are the measurements so that you may create your own template for the palm tree trunk sections. All measurements for this project will be in inches. First you will need to cut a bunch of rectangles 2" X 1".
This illustration shows you where to use your protractor to measure and mark the degrees of the cuts you will need to create the template. At the indicated points from the line and arrows under the statement "Measure from these points" you will align the cross hair on your protractor to measure for each of the lines as indicated.
Next you will measure and remove the excess materials to form the template.
Bend the tabs where indicated by the yellow dashed lines. When aligning the tabs make sure that they butt up to the crease made by the fold at the dashed yellow lines. Glue them together and let them set. By the time you finish the last one the first one should be dry.
After the cones dry make some cuts in the top of the cone as indicated. When you are finished you may bend them over a little bit to make it look more like a real palm tree.
Assemble the sections as seen in the illustration. Remember to pinch closed the bottom of the sections and fit them into each other from the bottom up.
If you decide that you do not want to do all of the steps in this project, you may print this template to make your trunk sections from.

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