Pencil Drawing Shadowbox

Building A Desktop Shadow Box

    Another type of desktop shadow box can be made from foamcore or art board. Cut two pieces of board one 8" X 20" and another 12 X 13 inches. foam core cutting measurements

cutting the 8X20 inch piece Take the 8" X 20" board and measure 3 inches in from each of the sides. Then make a cut in the foamcore board being careful not to cut completely through the paper on the underside. Carefully fold each side 90. You now should have a three sided box measuring 3 X 13 X 3.

Tape the corners a shown in the images using masking tape or clear tape (If you can use white masking tape). tape the corners

tape the stage or bottom to the sides Then take the 12 X 13 piece of foamcore board and tape it as indicated. You now have a small shadow stage to use when posing objects to render.

As you can see these shadow boxes will help you to focus and plan your illustrations and help you to concentrate on the shadow without a lot of color and texture to get into the way for now. This is not to say that color and texture are bad only that when learning about them it is easier to see against the flat white background. finished desktop shadowbox stage

objects on the stage We will use these boxes for some pencil, color pencil, watercolor and most important some perspective lessons on Perspective Shadow.

desk top shadowbox with halogen light objects on the desk top shadowbox stage

    As you can see in the above illustrations the desktop shadowbox can be an effective way to light model objects to render. Notice how the light bathes the subject objects in the light. You can plainly see the shadow perspective and how the softness of the light and reflected light plays to make an ordinary still life look interesting.

Have Fun Building Your Shadowbox Choice
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